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Quorum Slice Leaders

Quorum Slice Leader Resources

The information and documents below will help you start and manage your Quorum Slice effectively!

NOTE: If this is your first time reviewing these documents, follow them in order.  

1.) Expectations of a Quorum Slice Leader

Managing a quorum slice can be tricky, so here is some information on what is recommended when managing a quorum slice.  Click Here to View

2.) Telegram 101: Platform Basics

How to set up a Telegram account, how to find the QSI channels, and all the features availabel to you.  Click Here to View

3.) Setting Up Your Telegram Channel & Chat

How to set up your Quorum Slice Broadcast Channel and chat so you can communicate with your Quorum Slice members.  Click Here to View

4.) Bots 101: What & How

A bot is a third-party application running on a Telegram channel.  You can send messages to a Telegram Bot and the Bot can respond automatically in different ways.  Learn how to use this to run your Quorum Slice.  Click Here to View

5.) Pinning Your Welcome & Rules Messages

Now that your Quantum Stellar Initiative (QSI) Channel & Chat have been created and linked, you’ll want to add some pinned messages. These messages should welcome people, show them the group rules, and give them links to information that will help them learn more about Stellar and QSI.  Click Here to View

6.) Sample "Channel Rules" Message

Here is a sample Channel Rules Telegram post that you can forward to your own channel, modify as you see fit, and then pin it to the top of your channel and chat.  Click Here to View

7.) Sample "Welcome" Message

Here is a sample Welcome post that you can forward to your own channel, modify as you see fit, and then pin it to the top of your channel and chat.  Click Here to View

8.) Managing Your Telegram Channel

As you begin to see people join your Quorum Slice Telegram channel, you’ll need to communicate with them to grow their connection to Stellar, QSI, and their fellow members. Here are some ideas on how to do that.  Click Here to View

9.) Starting Conversations w/ People About Stellar & QSI

People you want to recruit into Stellar & QSI may not know you personally, may not know anything about Stellar, crypto, or even investing in general. Here is some info to help you find the right people and start a conversation in a way that will get people to want to engage with you further.  Click Here to View

10.) Reaching People in Your Stellar Universe

Building your network of new Stellar users and new Quorum Slice members requires strategy. Here are some ideas to help you grow your Stellar Family!  Click Here to View

11.) Message Template to Recruit People to Stellar & QSI

Here are some messages used by others in the past which have helped them recruit people into Stellar and Lobstr. Feel free to use these messages (modify as you like) in Telegram PM, Telegram posts, emails, etc to try and recruit your own contacts to join Stellar and Lobstr.  Click Here to View

12.) Documents to Help New Stellar Users

 Click Here to View