Resources For

New Stellar Users

New Stellar User Resources

The information and documents below will help you learn the Stellar network and how to use the Lobstr app effectively!

NOTE: If this is your first time reviewing these documents, follow them in order.  

1.) Why Invest in Crypto?

Why should you invest in crypto to begin with?  What advantages does crypto give?.  Click Here to View

2.) What Is Stellar?

What is the Stellar Network?  How does Stellar compare to other popular cryptocurrency networks?  Why should you invest in Stellar over other networks?.  Click Here to View

3.) ISO 20022, The Q.F.S., and G.E.S.A.R.A

Have you heard about the ISO2022?  It’s a worldwide industry standard that has been bought in to regulate the interchange of electronic data between financial institutions, and while that sentence might sound boring, we can assure you, it is anything but!  Click Here to View

4.) What is Lobstr?

A guide of the Lobstr Wallet for Stellar cryptocurrencies.  How to use Lobstr, what features it gives you, and why it’s awesome!  Click Here to View

5.) How To Setup your LOBSTR wallet (including 2FA)

A guide on how to set up your Lobstr account and wallet, getting your Recovery phrase (seed phrase), and enabling security features like 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)  Click Here to View

6.) How to Fund Your LOBSTR Account w/ Coinbase or Moon Pay

Before you can use your LOBSTR wallet you will need to fund it with XLM.  We will walk you through two methods: Coinbase & Moonpay.  Click Here to View

NOTE: Funding Your Lobstr Wallet with MoneyGram

You can now use MoneyGram to create & fund your Lobstr Wallet. Visit your MoneyGram store today to learn more.

8.) How to add a Trust Line

What is a Trustline?  Why do you need to set them up?  How do you do that?  Here is a guide that walks you through everything.  Click Here to View

9.) Swapping & Trading Tokens

What is “swapping” tokens?  What is “trading” tokens?  When would you do one vs the other.  It’s a lot easier than you think.  This guide will walk you through it.  Click Here to View

10.) Recommended Assets

Which assets (tokens) does QSi believe to be the good ones?  You always need to do your own research (DYOR), but here is a list of assets that we believe to be good investments.  The following is not financial advice and for entertainment purposes only.  QSI, and any members affiliated with QSI are not responsible for financial losses.  Do not proceed if you do not agree to these terms.  Click Here to View

11.) ISO Wallets

Which crypto wallets will hold the ISO 20022 tokens XRP, XLM, XDC, ALGO, and IOTA?  Here is a guide to wallets that can store these tokens.  Click Here to View

12.) Airdops & Pending Payments

What is an airdrop?  Is it free money?  Here is a guide to understanding the airdrops that you’ll see in Lobstr and how to know whether you should accept them or not.  Click Here to View

13.) How to exchange back into Fiat

What if one of your crypto investments shoots to the moon?!?  If you want to cash out and extract a fiat currency, how do you do that?  Here is a guide that can help you.  Click Here to View

14.) Telegram 101: Account Creation & Finding QSI

Here is a guide on how to make a telegram account, how to find the main QSI Groups, and how to search to find local quorum groups  Click Here to View

15.) Crypto Glossary

Here is a glossary of commonly used terms in the cryptocurrency world.  This will get you up to speed quickly!  Click Here to View

16.) Crypto FAQs

Here is a list of frequenly asked questions regarding cryptocurrency, Stellar, Lobstr, and other topics.  Click Here to View