Is Posting On Facebook Worth It For Restaurants?

This question comes up a lot, and there are millions of articles telling you “everybody is on Facebook, so you have to post so they see you”.


Is posting on Facebook worth spending your time on?

Answer: Only if you have 7000+ fans. It must be worth your time.

In the early days of Facebook, businesses spent time and effort getting as many “likes” as possible. The reason is that when you posted on your business’s wall, your fans would see it. So this was free exposure.

Those were the days…

Not anymore. Facebook wants businesses to pay for ads. So they reduced what they call “Organic Reach”, which is how many fans see your posts for free. Now when you post something to your page’s wall, only about 1-2% of your fans see it. More may see if if the post gets a TON of likes and comments. But for the standard restaurant post, you can figure 1-2%.

Now if you have 10,000 fans, then 1-2% is 100-200 people. If 10-20 people come in because of that post, then it may be worth your time.

But if you only have 1000 fans, 1-2% is 10-20 people. Maybe a person or two comes in from that? The results you get may not be worth your time.

And that’s my point. You’re a busy business owner, and you have a lot of things to manage. Your time is precious, so you have to use it wisely.

So until you have 7,000+ fans or so, your time is probably better spent on other activities.

Smart Option: Have your customers post for you. Have them take pictures of your food, and post it to their personal wall, and tag your business in the post. Their friends will all see how good your food looks, and can click on your business name to go to your page to learn more about you.

You can incentivize your customers to do this by saying “whoever posts a pic and tags us gets a free desert” or “is entered into a raffle”.

Train your wait staff to integrate this into their routine, and you’ll have a winning social media process. Posts from customers are always valued much higher by people than posts directly from the businesses, so they are very much worth a scoop
of ice cream.

And you can get back to more profitable activities.

Hope this is helpful!

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