How Local Restaurants are Beating Big Chains

Big corporate restaurant chains. They’re everywhere. And they have money.

Lots of it…

And they are taking market share from independent restaurants.

So how is a local restaurant supposed to compete with them?

Better yet, how is a local restaurant supposed to BEAT chain restaurants who are setting up shop right beside them?

You’re David, they’re Goliath.

David beat Goliath because he was smaller, faster, more nimble, and smarter.

Those were his strengths. And he knew Goliath’s weaknesses.

Goliath was big, slow, and couldn’t change directions nearly as quickly as he could.

Use their weaknesses to your advantage.


There are new advertising & marketing technologies that open up a whole new world of methods to acquire new customers.

The catch?

You can’t use traditional strategies and get the full benefits.

Online platforms like Facebook and Instagram make it easy to target the exact type of customers you want. They also make it easy to EXCLUDE people from seeing ads that you don’t want to see them (current customers that you don’t want discounts being sent to). Combine this with technologies that allow us to build a backend follow up system that is constantly communicating to your new customers, and you have a winning formula to get the most bang-for-your-advertising-buck.

But aren’t big corporations using these platforms too?

Yes, but they’re using 1980’s strategies.

Big brands are still stuck in the old, outdated “media buying” mentality that comes from old TV, radio, and newspaper advertising strategies.

They “buy a bunch of media”, which basically means they buy a certain number of ad impressions on whatever publication they are looking at.

The idea is that the more impressions you buy, the more potential customers see your brand, and when they get hungry, THEY’LL REMEMBER YOU.

Hell with that!

You want to hang your business growth on the “hope” that customers “remember you”??

Umm, no thank you.

And I bet that’s what you think too. Because you’re an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are the true innovators.

How about this?

Wouldn’t you prefer to send out ads that collect customers’ contact information so you can ACTIVELY communicate with them? CONTINUALLY convincing them to come in?

That sounds much better to me. You take the control back into your hands. You control your destiny.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of 10,000 people, so that when you have food nearing its shelf life, you can quickly send out an email to 10,000 people running a special and capture that potentially lost revenue due to spoilage?

Wouldn’t you like to be able to use discounts to acquire new customers (because it works extremely well) but not have your existing customers see those coupons (eating up precious margin)?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have a system where you can look at different ad campaigns and see which ones are producing customers and which ones are duds? So you can only spend money where it makes you more money?

That’s what’s possible with these new technologies. New strategies are making customer acquisition easier and yielding much higher ROI.

All you need is a partner who knows how to put all these technologies together and run it for you.

And at a price that doesn’t prevent it from being profitable.

That’s us 🙂

We build you a customized system that puts your new customer acquisition on autopilot.

Call us to see how this can be tailored to your business.

This is how David beats Goliath.

That big ugly Ogre needs a rock between the eyes.

We’ll build you one hell of a sling…

New Customers are waiting for you!


Not only do we not work on contracts, but for a limited time, we are offering a chance to try your custom system before you buy.  Give us a call and we can see if it’s right for you!  We can’t wait to work with you!

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